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Recommended Reading: Secrets to Dog Training


Today I’m taking the time to give you a detailed review of
“Secrets to Dog Training” by Daniel Stevens.

If you want to check out the website for it, go here:


* What Is “Secrets to Dog Training”?

“Secrets to Dog Training” presents an unusually detailed
and thorough look at how to both prevent and deal with the
more common problem-behaviors exhibited by dogs.

Written by a seasoned dog trainer, you can relax in the
knowledge that all the tips and advice included are tried
and true and come from Stevens’ real-life experiences as a
professional dog trainer.

There is also a straight-forward, easy-to-follow
downloadable video, which provides real-life examples of
doggy bad behavior, along with solutions and remedies to
change them.

* What’s Covered?

There’s a pretty impressive range of information packed
into this guide.

“Secrets to Dog Training” will teach you all about:

* Understanding your dog (know what he’s thinking!)
* Caring for the health of your dog
* Housetraining
* Aggression
* Dominance
* Chewing
* Digging
* Excessive barking
* Separation anxiety
* Intermediate-level obedience commands
* Allergies
* Cat/dog coexistence
* Fleas
* Heatstroke
* Advanced commands and tricks

The downloadable video gives great insight into a dog’s
quest to be the alpha dog and how you can prevent this.

Quick steps to stop bad behaviors, from housebreaking
right through to leash pulling, are so simple you can
start trying them out on your dog straight away.

* “Secrets to Dog Training” Highlights

In addition to the contents listed above, there’s also a
pretty impressive section on dog whispering, which – in
case you haven’t heard of it already – is a method of dog
training based on a philosophy of clear communication and
mutual respect.

It’s been popularized in recent years by Cesar Millan
(“The Dog Whisperer”) and is becoming increasingly
well-known as an alternative and humane method for
disciplining and training your dog. “Secrets to Dog
Training” has dedicated an entire section to dog

Daniel Stevens explains the background of the technique,
how to utilize voice and body language to your best
advantage and how to use the technique to calmly,
assertively, and effectively correct and train your dog.
Step-by-step instructions are included for the common
commands of sit, down, come, stay, quiet, etc.

It makes for some pretty interesting reading, and after
trying out the basics on my own pooch, I was amazed at how
effective the techniques suggested are.

* Highly Recommended!


I love freebies (Who Doesn’t?).

There’s just something about getting something for
nothing. Although my magpie-like tendencies may have
led me into less-than-productive purchases in the past, in
this particular case, I’m happy to report that “Secrets to
Dog Training” hasn’t let me down. The freebies included
with this book are not only numerous, but are actually
useful (wow!).

The book itself costs 39.95. For this price, you get a
complete and detailed manual on training your dog,
preventing and handling behavioral problems and a bunch
of general-knowledge tips and advice.

You also get a handful of practical freebies:

* The Secrets to Dog Training video program
* Unlimited online consultations in the members area
* The Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog eBook
* The Secrets to Dog Training audio book
* Other bonus books!

As mentioned earlier, the bonus downloadable video takes
a no-fuss approach to practical solutions for dog
obedience issues.

The personalized consultations with members of the Kingdom
of Pets team is an especially valuable freebie.

If you’ve got an issue with your dog that you’d like some
individual attention on, you can flick them a quick message
and receive a personalized, thorough reply packed with
expert advice and practical tips.

If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to putting a stop
to any and all dog behavioral problems for good, including
digging, aggression, barking, chewing, biting, house
training, bolting out the front door, pulling on the
leash, jumping, whining, separation anxiety and more, then
get yourself a copy of “Secrets to Dog Training” right

You and your dog will be so pleased that you did:


Kind regards,

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How to Control Your Dog’s Barking



For the ultimate solution to stopping your dog from
barking inappropriately, don’t look past “Secrets to Dog



* How to Control Your Dog’s Barking

Ah, the dreaded barking problem. If you’ve taken a stroll
down a residential street recently, you’ve likely run into
this very issue – a seemingly endless number of dogs that
just won’t stop barking.

If your own dog fits the bill, it can be incredibly
frustrating trying to figure out how to make it stop.

But, barking doesn’t have to be just another thing
“every dog does.” Sure, barking is a natural activity that
any healthy dog will do, and it’s never going to cease
completely. But, it can get out-of-hand, and there are
some very specific things you can do to cut it down.

* The Root of Barking

If you really want to control barking, you’d better know
why your dog is barking. Different types and sources of
barking require different solutions.

1. Boredom – This is the most common source of barking and
can be solved with some extra exercise or attention.

2. Anxiety – You need to teach your dog to handle your
departure more calmly. This is a long process but well
worth it for the quiet and the health of your dog.

3. Warning – A dog should always bark at strangers or
threats but only to a certain point.

4. Attention-Seeking – A dog in want of attention will
bark at times. Never respond to this behavior or you will
only reinforce it.

5. Startled – A dog that gets scared or startled may bark
in confusion.

6. Playfulness – Playful dogs will bark at times to show
their excitement. This is completely normal.

7. Communicating – Dogs use barking to communicate with
each other, saying “I’m here.” This is normal but should
not be allowed to persist too long.

Obviously, some of these issues should not be changed.
You don’t want your dog thinking it’s not acceptable to
bark if he senses an intruder at the door, but at the same
time, you don’t want him barking for an hour when the
neighbor comes home each day.

* Stopping the Barking

Getting rid of a behavior, such as excessive barking,
starts every time with basic control of your dog. You need
to give your dog a strong alpha leader he can follow and
no reasons to test your leadership. The best way to do
this is to be consistent with your commands and to train

If you train your dog to come, lie down and stay, he will
be very focused on completing those tasks and oftentimes
will stop barking completely.

Additionally, you’re going to want to give your dog as
much exercise as possible. Exercise can make a tremendous
difference as well.

In fact, most dogs that are bored or underexercised will
just bark to bark. It may not even make sense. Because we
don’t make the connection ourselves, it can be hard to
reverse the trend.

In terms of what not to do, avoid using the “No” word.
Yelling at your dog will usually make it worse. Your dog
either doesn’t understand and barks in frustration or will
think you’re barking along with him and will get even

Additionally, avoid punishment or rewarding of bad
behavior. Instead, you should only reward good behavior.
If you give your dog a “stop” phrase to stop barking and
he does so, reward him with a treat.

Finally, never give your dog loving attention when he
barks. He will start to believe that he was right in
barking at whatever he barked at – only furthering the
anxiety or nervousness that bred the behavior.

If you do it right, it can be easy to overturn a strongly
instilled desire to bark. Just be consistent and take
control of your home, and your dog will quickly follow

I highly recommend that you check out the website below,
which contains the best guide to stopping your dog from
barking, chewing, digging and aggression and helps you
deal with all sorts of behavioral problems:


Have a great day,

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Dog Training Video Lessons


Over the next 48 hours I’m running a special offer to
promote Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training product.

If you join through my link below within the next 48 hours
and then reply to this email with your receipt, I’ll email
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Who is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer and behaviourist.

He’s trained thousands of dogs, and with that experience
he’s learned to tackle all the problem behaviours your
dog is throwing at you.

With Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer, you’ll discover how
to use the same reliable and effective dog training methods
to train your dog.

This is quite unlike other techniques usually taught in
dog training courses offered to the general public through
mass-produced videos, DVDs and eBooks. In fact, Doggy Dan
tells you to start by forgetting everything you’ve been
told about dog training!

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Have a great day!

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Final Reminder: Online Dog Training Special


Wow, my inbox got flooded today with emails from readers
who were worried about missing out on the 48-hour “Doggy
Dan’s Online Dog Training” Special.

I’ve decided that I’m going to extend it by another 48
hours, but this is the last chance to take advantage of

If you join through my link below within the next 48 hours
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you instant download access to “The Top 20 Dog Health
Problems and How to Resolve Them.”

This pdf ebook is valued at $27, and you get it for free
when you join Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training in the next
48 hours through the link below:


Who is Doggy Dan?

Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer and behaviourist.

He’s trained thousands of dogs, and with that experience
he’s learned to tackle all the problem behaviours your
dog is throwing at you.

With Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer, you’ll discover how
to use the same reliable and effective dog training methods
to train your dog.

This is quite unlike other techniques usually taught in
dog training courses offered to the general public through
mass-produced videos, DVDs and eBooks. In fact, Doggy Dan
tells you to start by forgetting everything you’ve been
told about dog training!

To take advantage of the 48-hour special that I’m running
and to receive your bonus ebook “The Top 20 Dog Health
Problems and How to Resolve Them,” simply join through the
link below and reply to this email with your receipt:


Have a great day!

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Great Dog Food Nutrition Tips


Does your dog need training? Don’t be ashamed; take
action! Watch this free video by respected dog trainer,
Doggy Dan, now:


In today’s world of prepackaged, dry dog food and
products, almost no one ever thinks about what dogs really
need in their diet. They just assume their dogs are
getting whatever nutrients they need to remain healthy,
feeding them as they have always fed their dogs.

In truth, a dog has very specific nutritional needs that
are very much similar to ours. If you don’t meet them,
your dog can develop digestive issues or even get sick. If
nothing else, they will rarely have normal, healthy bowel
movements, and we all know what that means for you.

* What a Dog Needs

First, ask yourself what a dog really needs. Dogs do not
need table scraps, and they don’t need empty filler.
Better yet, they don’t really know the difference,
especially if you never give them table scraps to start

Unfortunately, commercial dog foods are generally lacking
in nutrients and vitamins a dog needs, so if you’re using
standard dog food, you may need to supplement it in some

In the wild, a dog would get his nutrients from freshly
killed prey, roots, berries, fruit, grass and insects in a

You’re not going to go out and get your dogs some ants to
eat, but there are some things you can do to supplement
their diets.

* Getting Your Dog the Right Nutrients

For starters, reconsider the dry food you feed your dog.
If it is a bland, store brand with a corn base, it’s not
doing the job. There are some natural and organic foods
that contain less fillers and more nutrients.

If you want to go the whole foods route, consider the
dietary needs of a dog. This means getting chicken or beef
into his diet to ensure he receives the proteins he needs.
Organic meats are best to reduce antibiotics and other

You’ll also need to supplement foods by reducing fat
intake. If you don’t have lean meat to feed him, reduce
any fat from other sources.

Avoid hot dogs and cheese, for example. Additionally,
despite the argument that they are carnivores, dogs can
gain quite a bit from fruit and veggies.

However, some fruits and vegetables are not good for them.
Stick to whole, fibrous foods. Apples are good, as well as
whole grains and certain grasses. Additionally, fatty
acids from eggs or fish are good, though avoid any fish
that could have bones.

* Daily Feeding

Your dog should also not eat too much. A 50-pound dog
should only eat two-three cups of food a day at the most,
split between two meals. A dog doesn’t need three or four
meals a day (unless the dog is a large enough breed or
your schedule dictates it).

Additionally, have set food times for your dog. Simply
putting down a bowl of food and leaving it full is a very
quick way to get your dog very fat.

Dogs will eat whatever you put in front of them, and they
will quickly grow lethargic because of it.

Another good tip is to make your dog work physically and
mentally for his food. A walk before eating is good,
as is making him sit and wait for the food bowl. This
stimulates the instincts that tell him to hunt for that
meal each day.

Feeding a dog is not like feeding a child. You don’t need
to ask him what he wants or try to mix it up with variety.
If you’ve ever seen how excited dogs get for boring, dry
Kibble, you know that they’re perfectly happy eating
whatever they get.

Moreover, they’re healthier if you stick to a steady,
well-balanced diet.

I hope you enjoyed today’s newsletter!

Talk to you soon,

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How the Law of Attraction Really Works

Hi [newsfield name=”name”],

Before I get started, I want to tell you about the news
that seems to have everyone talking.

I decided to check it out for myself, thinking it would be
the usual hyperbole, but was actually pleasantly


As you know, I only share good material that I think you
will benefit from, and I think this might help a lot of

It comes at personal development from a different angle.
Here’s what a lot of gurus are saying about it:

A *secret resource* that turns your mind into a MENTAL
MAGNET … to automatically draw friends, power, love, and
money into your life OVERNIGHT!


[newsfield name=”name”], how well is the law of attraction working for

If you’ve already seen the movie “The Secret” and all
those super-successful people who seem to effortlessly
attract what they want, you might be thinking:

“There’s got to be more to it than just thinking.”

Well guess what? There is!

I mean, surely you can’t just sit there and visualize what
you want, turn yourself into a human magnet and watch it
come into your life like magic.

So why are so many people talking about how effective the
law of attraction is at manifesting what you want?

Because they understand something about how the law of
attraction really works…

The Connecting Link

The law of attraction works because thoughts actually do
become things, but this doesn’t mean that thoughts of what
you want will turn into the things that you want.

Thoughts become beliefs, and beliefs become convictions
which influence your actions. Those actions become

What kind of results are we talking about? We’re talking
about results which are consistent with the thoughts,
which became beliefs, which became convictions, which
became actions, which became the results.

In other words, your thoughts are the “seeds” which you
plant, and as those seeds are fed and nurtured over a
period of time, they begin to grow until they manifest
themselves in actions.

As you know, a seed cannot produce something which is
inconsistent with its intrinsic design.

As the Nazarene said: “You will know them by their fruit
… you can’t get grapes from thorn bushes and you can’t
get figs from thistles.”

Your consistent thoughts will eventually manifest
themselves in the results of your life.

The reason this doesn’t work for most people is because
they forget about a little thing called time … and
that’s the key to making the law of attraction work for

What Season Are You In?

When you got up to make your breakfast this morning, you
probably slapped something into the microwave, pushed a
few buttons and within a few minutes had a nice hot meal.

However, that’s not how the law of attraction works when
it comes to manifesting results in your life.

You see, the law of attraction is a natural law, not a
man-made idea. This means that it’s subject to the same
principles which all natural laws are subject too.

No amount of technology, willpower, belief or marketing is
going to change this … it’s an unchangeable reality of
the universe which makes the law of attraction possible.

Remember, the thoughts that you “plant” when you’re
practicing the law of attraction bring forth results the
same way that a seed you sow grows into a plant.

This means you can plant, water, fertilize and nourish it
for a long time before you even see it break ground. This
also means you can’t keep digging it up and planting
something else every few hours or days. You have to decide
what you want, plant the seed and tend to it long enough
for the law of attraction to do its job.

For most of us, the hardest thing to do is to decide what
we want and to keep believing in it even when we don’t see
immediate results. Remember, it all begins with your
thoughts … so for a while that’s all you’ll have to go

Even if your actions seem completely contradictory to what
you’re thinking, don’t give up. As long as you keep
planting the right seeds and following through with
patience and consistency, you’ll reap a harvest in time.

Don’t forget to check out that news that everyone is
buzzing about; it might just be the secret you are looking
for to change your life.


All the best,

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3 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Hijacking Your Success

Hi [newsfield name=”name”],

There are 3 lies that most people tell themselves that
highjack their path to success. Don’t let this happen to

Sometimes the only things standing between you and success
are a few lies.

In fact, it’s the lies we tell ourselves that most often
keep us from our dreams. Maybe we’re afraid of success,
maybe we don’t think we deserve it, or maybe we don’t
think it’s possible.

Whatever the reason, if you get rid of the lies, pretty
soon you’ll watch your dreams turn into your reality.

If you’re in a rush, make sure you check out this
3-minute trick to reshape your subconscious so you’ll
reach levels of creativity and ingenuity that would make
Steve Jobs jealous…


3 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Hijacking Your

Here are unquestionably 3 of the worst lies you tell
yourself that are hijacking your success:

1.”I don’t know where to start.”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: nobody
“knows” where to start.

Steve Jobs didn’t have anybody telling him exactly which
step to take first.

Successful people stop telling themselves they don’t
know where to start, and they make a decision.

Have you ever heard “perfect is the enemy of good?”
This is exactly what that’s talking about. If you wait
until you have the perfect plan, you’ll miss hundreds of
good plans that could have got you what you wanted.

If you want to see your dreams made real, you’ve got to
stop telling yourself you don’t know where to start.

2. “I don’t have any money.”

Listen up: you don’t need money to become a millionaire.

You don’t even need to be brilliant. Look at Richard
Branson. He started Virgin Records as teenager, when he
was flat broke. He’s now worth $4.9 billion. And
here’s the kicker: he has dyslexia.

If a dyslexic teenager with no money can become a
billionaire, then you can stop telling yourself that being
broke is an excuse.

And faster than you ever thought possible, you won’t
have to think twice about your expenses – you’ll have
enough money to live the high life.

3. “I can’t do this on my own.”

Sometimes you hear about great mentors who change
people’s lives, and then you look around and wonder
where your mentor is. The sad fact is, not everyone finds

But here’s the good news: people reach their dreams
without mentors every day.

Think about it: Whatever your goal, the very first person
to reach that goal didn’t have a mentor.

So you know it’s possible.

Here’s how to do it on your own:

Make Steve Jobs your mentor.

Make Richard Branson your mentor. Hell, make Albert
Einstein your mentor.

If you can figure out what they did to be successful,
you’ll see your deepest desires come true faster than
you thought possible.

Actually, success experts have recently uncovered some
uncanny similarities in what makes people like Steve Jobs

It turns out, most millionaires, successful artists, and
people living their dreams have one thing in common…

…and it’s not “hard work.”

They share a little-known secret about the brain.

I highly recommend that you check out this incredible free
presentation to see how you can use their secret to make
your own dreams become reality.


You’ll discover a 3-minute trick to reshape your
subconscious so you’ll reach levels of creativity and
ingenuity that would make Steve Jobs jealous.
Don’t miss this…


Kind regards,

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60 second quiz: Do you have the brain of a millionaire?

Hi [newsfield name=”name”],

Dr Steve G Jones, a millionaire and world-renowned
hypnotherapist for celebrities has recently developed a
cutting-edge 60 second quiz which reveals how closely your
brain matches that of a millionaire.

Do YOU have the brain of a millionaire?

Take Dr Steve’s quiz below and find out (plus get your
own personalised free report):

(60 second quiz: Do you have the brain of a millionaire?)

The great thing about this quiz is it uses your answers to
generate a personalized free report revealing what
blockages you may or may not have, and what you need to do
next in order to get yourself on the millionaire fast
track to wealth.

See how highly you score, read your personalized results,
and enjoy!

Follow this link to take the quiz:
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P.S. Imagine being able to download the brain of a
millionaire into your own head. Dr Steve shows you how to
do that once you complete this quiz.

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How to Think like a Millionaire

Hi [newsfield name=”name”],

How would you like to FIRE your boss? Quit your day job?

Add an extra four, five, or even six figures a MONTH to
your income?

While this might sound almost unbelievable at first, what
I’m about to show you is a scientifically proven
breakthrough that literally downloads the brain of a
millionaire into your head…

Giving you the brain, thoughts, and WEALTH of a
millionaire in just minutes a day.

Follow this link:

(How to Think Like a Millioniare)

Think I’m crazy?

Guess again…

This is rock-solid neuroscience proven by the best brains
in the world.

And by the way… this method was designed for people
without a lot of spare time…

So it works FAST. No need for discipline or willpower.

Just imagine…

You waltz up to your boss and, with a huge smile on your

You stroll out of your workplace, never to return…

You wave goodbye to the horrible fluorescent lights…

The boring commute…

The lack of CONTROL over your own life…

And you say hello to a life of MORE… in just minutes a

Make sure you check out this INCREDIBLE video right now:

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PS: You owe it to yourself to escape the rat race and
finally start living the life you were destined for.

The method you’re about to discover works even if
you’ve failed at every single attempt to make money in
your life up till now…

…and you’ll see results starting the very first time
you use it.

(Scientifically Proven Secret to Millionaire Results)

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Have You Made Your Vision Board Yet?

Hi [newsfield name=”name”],

Have you made your dream board yet?

Before I get started, I want you to go and watch a free
short video that could change your life.

Watch it now and by this time tomorrow you will have the
power to transform practically any aspect of your life that
you are unhappy with.


You might have heard what the master motivator Zig Ziglar
said: “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

Now think about this in relation to what you really want
in your financial life, your health or your romance. Ask
yourself this:

“What am I aiming at?”

Most people never get what they want out of their life
because they don’t know what they really want.

They just wander aimlessly through life until they settle
on something that “seems” nice to them. Occasionally, they
get bored and decide to start wandering again.

One thing is for sure, though. They almost never get what
they want–and even if they do, they usually don’t keep it
for long.

If you want to avoid being one of these “wandering
generalities,” here’s where you need to start.

Why You Need a Dream Board

The most significant motivation behind your consistent
actions is your subconscious mind. This is because your
subconscious mind is what controls your emotional drives.

As you know, your behaviors are influenced by the
thoughts which carry the strongest emotional charge.

Now, considering this, it ought to be easy to figure out
how important it is for you to harness the power of your
subconscious mind to fuel your passion and pursue what
you really want.

A vision board is one of the most powerful tools for doing
this. It provides you with powerful visual stimuli that
plant “seeds” in your subconscious that are consistent
with what you want.

It’s very simple to create one. All you need is a poster
board and a few dozen pictures of things that you want in
your life: the type of house you want, the kind of body that
you want, the kind of partner you want to attract, etc.

By creating this dream board and putting it somewhere
you can see it every day, you awaken desires in your
subconscious mind. These desires will drive you towards
actions that will help you get what you want.

Now in case you’re skeptical about this, just think about
how much money corporations spend on advertisements which use
colors, shapes, words and images to provoke emotional responses
in people.

Considering the astronomical amount of consumer debt
in most nations, it’s easy to see just how influential
advertising is.

But what if you could create your own “advertisements” which
you could use to “sell yourself” on your own dreams?

How much more motivated would you be to create practical
plans for getting what you want–and to act on those plans?

This is exactly what you’re doing when you create your own
dream board.

Can you guess what happens if you don’t do this?

If your answer was “nothing,” consider this: Everywhere you
go, you’re bombarded with advertisements that were created by
people who are trying to get you to spend your time and money
to help them build their dreams.

There’s no way to escape these messages, they’re everywhere.
Your only line of defense is to create your own “advertising

You have to make the voice and the vision of your dreams
the loudest and clearest things in your life.

It really comes down to a choice: You either make a
proactive effort to build up the value of your own dreams or
you let yourself be influenced by the dreams of others.

Life is too short to keep building the dreams of other people.

If you’re ready to get to work on building your own and you’re
wondering what the first thing is that you need to do, don’t
wait another moment–start creating your dream board today.

Remember, if you haven’t already, I really encourage you to
watch this free video presentation. Watch it now, and by tomorrow
you will have the power to transform aspects of your life that you
have been unhappy with for years.


To your success,