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Get The Brain of a Millionaire


One of the most important, yet under estimated, things you
need as an internet marketer is a money making mindset…

If you can’t master this, you’ll be going down the wrong
path right from the word go.

Time and time again I have seen fresh internet marketers,
all bright eyed and bushy tailed, throw themselves into
trying to make a profit, only to become more and more
disheartened until they give up.

The problem? They didn’t know how to approach their goal
in their head.

The good news is, you can get this right, and it’s never
too late to start.

Dr Steve G Jones, an internet millionaire himself, has
spent many years teaching and harnessing the power of the
mind, and has created a system that gives you the brain of
a millionaire!

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(How to Think Like a Millioniare)

While this might sound almost unbelievable at first, what
I’m about to show you is a scientifically proven
breakthrough that literally downloads the brain of a
millionaire into your head…

Giving you the brain, thoughts, and WEALTH of a
millionaire in just minutes a day (think like one, then
become one).

This is rock-solid neuroscience proven by the best brains
in the world.

So if you’d like to QUIT YOUR JOB FOREVER, waving goodbye
to the horrible fluorescent lights, the boring commute,
and the lack of CONTROL over your own life…

Make sure you check out this INCREDIBLE video right now
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(Watch This And Download A Millionaires Brain Into Your


Kind regards,

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Must-watch Video (Disappearing Soon)


A couple of days ago I let you know about a video that
reveals the secret to attracting the opposite sex. It’s an
incredibly powerful video and I want to make sure you
didn’t miss it because you were too busy.

Just in case you did, I have pasted it below for your

Do you want to know the biggest secret that members of the
opposite sex are hiding about what turns them on?

Go watch this video right away:


Here’s what you’ll get from this presentation:

* How to plug into their sexual emotions

The incredible technique for hotwiring their memory so
they’re hanging on every word you say and begging for

* The words that will make them FIGHT to be with you

The crazy words (VERY specific) that signal to their brain
to make them instinctively see you as the most charismatic
person in the room.


You’ll also discover:

* The “secret trigger words” you can use to control their
desire so you can make them desperate to be with you

* How to make them compete for you–harness their
competitive instincts to make them “win” you (they’ll see
YOU as the prize after you start doing this). Don’t miss
this; it won’t be online for long.


P.S. The video is packed with killer material. You’ll find
out exactly how to be the kind of person the opposite sex
fantasizes about.


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Manifest Your DREAM Life – Free Book and Mp3!


I have an incredible free gift for you today, and best of
all you can download this for free right now and use it to
program your brain to MANIFEST you your DREAM life…

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This exciting life-changing ‘Manifestation
Breakthrough’ Kit was created by Law of Attraction
expert and Author, Heather Matthews.

It includes a special report, a short video, and an mp3
audio file.

The audio file is just 5 minutes long but it puts you in a
state of relaxed meditation very quickly, because contains
it powerful brain entrainment technology combined with
abundant affirmations designed to manifest your dream life
for you…

…Without hard work or struggle.

Whether your wish is for more wealth, success, happiness,
better relationships, good health… Make sure you
download your kit while this is still available.

Follow this link here for The Manifestation Breakthrough

Don’t miss this, make sure you have a listen to the 5
minute mp3 and start reading the book right away.

Kind regards,

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Stamp Out Negativity Fast!


You’ve probably heard that one of the most common
practices of successful people is positive thinking. But
how easy is it to really make this a practice in your

Sure, you’ve probably had good days where you could keep
your thoughts positive and empowering.

But what about those days when it just seems that nothing
is going right and you can’t seem to keep the flies of
negative thought from ruining your picnic?

If you’re curious about the solution to this dilemma, this
simple yet powerful strategy might be just what you’re
looking for.

Reframing Your Thoughts

The first key to stamping out negative thoughts fast is to
accept that your thoughts not only influence your actions,
but that they are also influenced BY the actions which you
take in response to them.

In other words, when you allow fear to take over and you
act fearfully, that fear is only going to grow more and
more powerful.

However, if you refuse to allow fear to push you to
fearful actions, and if you choose acts of courage
instead, you’ll find that your fear will take on a new
context: excitement.

Think about this: Biologically, fear and excitement aren’t
any different. They both cause accelerated heartbeat,
rapid breathing and a heightening of your physical senses.

Yet there is an enormous difference in the frame of mind
that accompanies fear and that which accompanies
excitement, and that frame of mind is influenced by your

For example, if you fear rejection and choose to retreat
into the privacy of your own thoughts, you’re only
reinforcing what you fear through what psychologists call

On the other hand, if you choose to act in courage by
either approaching that prospect, or speaking to that
member of the opposite sex whom you’re afraid of being
rejected by, you give that fear a new context.

The more persistent you are in confronting your fear with
acts of courage, the less like fear it will seem, and the
more excitement you’ll feel.

This is the fastest and most effective way to stamp out
negative thoughts. Now, in case you’re thinking that this
sounds way too simple to be true …

Making the Switch

Have you ever changed your mind about something? Of course
you have … but what really changed? Most likely it
wasn’t your mind, it was your actions … and those
actions changed because your priorities changed.

In other words, you decided that a new action was more
important than your original action.

This is exactly the key to reframing your thoughts by
taking new and empowering actions.

The next time you’re overwhelmed by worry or fear, or any
other kind of negative thought, ask yourself this: “What
action is this negative thought keeping me from taking?”

If the action is stupid or if you don’t have it planned
out, then your “negative” thought might be completely
valid. It might be telling you that you need to develop a
more solid plan of action.

However, if the action is something which would be
beneficial to you or someone you care about, redirect your
focus to what’s really important.

Your thoughts and emotions are influenced by what you
focus on, and the more you focus on what’s important to
you, the fewer thoughts and feelings of fear and worry
will hinder you when you try to take positive action.

You’ll also be more empowered to confront your negative
thoughts with acts of courage, and those actions will
reframe your thoughts.

TIP: The next time that you have a negative thought, stop
and think about what that thought might be trying to tell

Most often, once you discover the source of your negative
thoughts, they lose their power to influence you.

However, if you keep trying to bury them, you’ll miss the
insight that they hold, and the more persistent they’ll


Would you like to be living life full of energy and
vitality? Are you sick of feeling heavy and tired?

Take the first step to claim the body and the confidence
you’ve deserved for a long time — but just didn’t know how
to get.

Watch the short, complimentary video here:


To your success,

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How to Raise Your Self-esteem

Hi ,

Do you want to be the perfect “you”? What if I told you
that the perfect “you” already exists, and you just need
to bend reality to tap into it:


,did you know that having high self-esteem
makes all the other things in your life much easier?

Just think about the skills, opportunities and talents
that you have. How much more useful are they to you if you
have the confidence to actually use them?

So as you might guess, the ability to raise your
self-esteem will open all kinds of new doors for you.

Let’s look at how this is done:

Three Enemies of High Self-esteem

Most of raising self-esteem is getting rid of the things
which are keeping you from having higher self-esteem.

Before we get into the strategies for building greater
self-esteem, let’s look at the things which are keeping it
low …

Approval Addiction

Allowing other people’s opinions or perceptions to shape
your self-image is death to your self-esteem.

There’s always going to be someone somewhere who has an
opinion about you. Other people’s opinions are based on
their beliefs and perceptions and frankly, they’re none of
your business anyway.

If you feel that the approval or disapproval of others is
having too much impact on how you feel about yourself,
then it’s time to stop giving so much weight to them.

Expecting Perfection

No one is good at being perfect … everyone sucks at it.
This is because perfection is never achievable. Once you
reach what you once believed to be a level of perfection,
you’ll always see more possibilities … and that’s okay.

However, constantly demanding perfection in order to feel
that you’re worthwhile will crush your confidence.

Your Moods

Even the most confident people sometimes get into
emotional states where they don’t feel confident.

Yet those who have learned to develop a sense of
self-esteem that is detached from their feelings are still
able to maintain their sense of self-worth, even when
their feelings don’t support it.

There will be times when you’re fatigued or discouraged or
frustrated, which is completely normal. But you must never
allow these emotions to determine your view of yourself.

Building Strong Self-esteem

Okay ,now that we have the obstacles out of
the way, let’s look at three ways to build powerful

Empowering Self-talk

Few things will affect your self-esteem more than the way
that you talk to yourself.

Your voice is the one that you hear (in your head) all the
time and so you’re always going to be powerfully
influenced by it.

If you want to build great self-esteem, start paying
attention to your self-talk. Talk to yourself in ways that
will build self-esteem and self-respect.

TIP: Make a list of positive affirmations like: “I am
assertive, trustworthy and self-reliant.” This will help
you to develop a new and empowering dialogue to guide your

Focus on Your Strengths

Instead of focusing on correcting your weaknesses, work on
building your strengths.

Your weaknesses might get mediocre at best, and you’ll
always have some areas of weakness … you’re human.

Focus instead on your strengths and your weaknesses will
become less and less prevalent in your mind. This will
also help you to become more comfortable with yourself
just as you are.

Active Involvement

Self-esteem is best demonstrated in actions, so come up
with a list of actions and goals which will help you to
feel more confident and get to work on them. Write them
down and create a plan of action for achieving them.

This list could include physical goals such as working out
or career goals like getting a promotion … anything that
will help you to develop outward manifestations of high

These behaviors will influence your beliefs about yourself
and raise your opinion of yourself.

Go ahead and set your first goal right now, and get to

Don’t forget to check out Reality Bending Secrets to
unlock the perfect “you” and live the life you want:


Until next time,

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You are in a simulation

Hi ,

Imagine being able to bend the world to your will.

What if you could use your mind to create a reality that
you desire in the same way that Neo did in the blockbuster
movie, The Matrix?

Believe it or not, some of the smartest, most successful,
and most educated people in the world believe we are
living in a Matrix-like virtual reality.

Unravel full details here:


The idea isn’t new.

Spiritual teachers have been saying it for a thousand

But recently scientists and tech geniuses have started to

For example, Billionaire founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors,
and SpaceX – Elon Musk – thinks that it’s billions of
times more likely that we are living in a simulation
rather than in “reality.”

And it’s not just some nutty tech billionaire saying

A NASA scientist, Rich Terrile, has been quoted as saying
that an explanation for quantum physics is that we are
living in a simulated universe.

The coolest part is, because we are living in this virtual

You can bend it to create the world you want.

Discover how you can do it here:


I know it seems impossible, but what we think of as

And you have the power to design and create and attract
exactly the life you want.

It all starts here…


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Want Everyday Happiness?

Have you ever known someone who has genuine
happiness every day of their life? If so, you might be
wondering what their secret is and how you might be able
to have this kind of happiness in your own life. After
all, the primary motive behind all of our desires is

Whether it is the desire for a leaner and healthier body,
a great relationship, good friends, a better career, more
money or anything else, happiness is what we want more
than anything.

Believe it or not, everyday happiness is easier than you
might think …

The Present: The Gift of Happiness

Before you can accomplish everyday happiness, you must
learn to be happy in the present.

The present is the only time that you can ever be happy,
and that’s never going to change. Even when you’re
remembering the past or imagining the future, you’re still
living in the present.

Too many people believe that they’ll be happy when: their
kids graduate from high school; they pay off their house;
they get out of debt; they buy a new house; they get a
different job … blah, blah, blah.

Sure, there might be things in your life which will make
it easier for you to be happy. But if you’re not getting
into the habit of being happy in the present, then you’ll
still have problems being happy, even when ___ happens.

The future is only real when it becomes the present, and
as soon as it does, you’ll be living it according to the
same habits which you’re forming right now.

Again, happiness can only happen here and now. If you’re
not already committing yourself to being happy in the
present, it’s time to do so.

Practicing Happiness

Happiness is more of a habit than it is anything else, and
the only way to form a habit is through consistent

Too often, we think that if we have to practice happiness
it won’t be real.

This might be true, but if you practice it for long
enough, it will start becoming a genuine part of your
character, and eventually it will become real.

There are three ways to begin practicing and developing
the habit of happiness:

1. Gratitude

The more thankful you are, the easier it will be for you
to be happy with what you already have in your life.

If you look at someone who is unhappy, most of the time
it’s because they’re expecting something that they don’t
already have in their lives.

This keeps them from being happy with what they have
because it keeps them from being thankful.

Ungratefulness is probably the leading cause of
unhappiness, and all of us fall into this habit sometimes.

However, the more that you practice gratitude in your
life, the less ungratefulness will be able to rob you of
your joy.

2. Laughter

It’s very difficult to laugh and to be unhappy for long.
In fact, laughter is probably the most powerful cure for

A great comedian once said that if you can laugh at
something you can get through it. This is because
laughter takes the edge off of something and helps you to
clear your mind of worry and anxiety.

But what if you don’t feel like laughing? Well, that’s the
great thing about laughter … it can happen whether you
feel like it or not. It’s completely spontaneous,
uncontrollable and wonderful.

Keep a collection of funny movies or recordings of your
favorite comedians, and make laughter a part of your

3. Purpose and Growth

The leading cause of emotional pain and unhappiness is a
feeling that your life lacks purpose and that you’re not

Everyone needs something in their life that provides them
with a sense of purpose and growth. If you don’t have
this, it will be impossible for you to develop the habit
of happiness.

With a strong source of purpose and growth in your life,
happiness will become an easy habit to form.

TIP: Sit down and ask yourself what you can start doing
today to pursue a greater sense of purpose in your life
… something which will challenge you to grow. Come up
with a plan of action and get started on it today.

To learn the secrets to success and happiness, check out
Reality Bending Secrets:


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Change Your Life with Numerology

Hi ,

Just a quick reminder, in case you missed my last email,
to get your free numerology reading from the Web’s most
trusted source. I’ve pasted the details from my last
message below: is the Web’s most trusted numerology
resource. Right now, they are offering a free personalized
numerology reading. Get yours now and you will learn:

– Your life path and what your future has in store
– Talents you already possess, but don’t know about
– What’s missing in your life that’s keeping you from
achieving your life goals


It’s free and it’s from a trusted source, so what have you
got to lose? You might decide to do this for a bit of fun
but you will soon find just how powerful it really is.


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10 Lessons from the “Red Paperclip Guy”

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t do
something that you really wanted to do because you lacked
the resources? If so, you are about to learn 10 vital
lessons about resourcefulness from the “red paperclip

But first, let’s talk about how he got this odd nickname:
This is a guy who had a red paperclip, which he traded for
a fish-shaped pen on July 14th, 2005.

He then traded the pen for a hand-sculpted doorknob, which
he traded for a fully fueled Coleman camp stove.

On September 24th, 2005, he traded the stove for a Honda
generator, which he traded for an “instant party”
(commitment to fill an empty keg).

He then traded the “instant party” to a comedian in
exchange for a snowmobile. He then traded the snowmobile
for a two-person trip to British Columbia, and he traded
the trip for a cube van.

On February 22nd, 2006, he traded the cube van for a
recording contract in Tokyo.

He traded the recording contract to Jody Gnant for a
year’s rent in Arizona, which he traded for an afternoon
with Alice Cooper, which he traded for a KISS motorized
snow globe.

He then traded this to Corbin Bernsen for a role in Donna
on Demand, and he traded that role for a two-story
farmhouse in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

All of this was done in a year.

Ten Things You Can Learn from This Story

1. Don’t Despise Small Beginnings

No matter how small and insignificant something may seem
at first, never underestimate the fact that it could grow
into something much greater … and really fast.

Think about how this guy started out with one red
paperclip and ended up with a house–simply by making a
series of well-crafted trades.

Most likely, you have a lot more resources than a simple
paperclip to help you start doing what you want to do.

2. Persistence Pays

While reading the list of exchanges which led to the
house, it might be easy to assume that this was pretty

It wasn’t. Remember that this is a process which took a
year and sent “the red paperclip guy” to many different

He probably also heard the word “no thanks” hundreds of
times … but he didn’t give up until he met his

3. You Don’t Need Money to Acquire Stuff

No matter what you want in life or how expensive it seems,
this story proves that you don’t always have to have money
to get what you want.

Think about it: Exchanging materials or services was the
way in which the American economy (one of the largest in
the world) was established. In fact, it wasn’t until a few
hundred years ago that the US started using paper money.

So remember this, and the story of the red paperclip guy
… and that you don’t always need money to get what you

4. Creativity Pays

Look at the list of exchanges this man made to acquire
this two-story summer home, and you’ll realize what a
significant role creativity had to have played.

Creativity is probably your most valuable asset when it
comes to getting anything you want: more money, the
perfect partner, a better body, a better career, etc.

5. Ask and You Shall Receive

Again, look at the list of exchanges and you’ll realize
that in some of them the red paperclip guy got a MUCH
better deal than the other person.

These are all deals that he would not have gotten if he
had thought: “Ah, that’s not an even trade … they’ll
never go for that.”

If there’s something that you want, you’ll never get it if
you don’t ask for it. But if you just get into the habit
of asking for what you want, you might be amazed at how
easily people say yes.

6. Value Is Relative

This is probably one of the most vital lessons you can
learn about success: Value is relative. After all, who
decided that a red paperclip was worth a pen … or that a
KISS snow globe was worth a part in a TV show?

7. Resourcefulness Is More Important Than Resources

Again, considering the series of exchanges which led up to
the acquiring of the house, obviously the red paperclip
guy was a resourceful person. It was this resourcefulness
that made up for a tremendous lack of material resources.

8. One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Again, value is relative. If you have something that you
don’t want, don’t just assume that no one else wants it

What you have that you don’t value could end up being the
tool you use to get what you really want … without
really giving anything up.

9. It Doesn’t Take 30 Years to Own a House

Most people try to realize the dream of homeownership by
taking out a 30-year mortgage. This guy did it in a year.
This should also prove that when time is lacking,
creativity can do more than make up for it.

10. You Can Make Your Own Luck

Is this guy just lucky or is this the result of strategic
persistence and creativity?

Surely, luck can cause isolated incidents to occur, but
not a strategic series of trades which led from a dinky
red paperclip to a house in a year.

If this man “made his own luck” this way, certainly you
can too if you put these ten lessons to work for you and
do the same.

For more great tips on how to build success from the
ground up, get a free personalized numerology report now.


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3 Foods for Fighting Heart Disease

Hi ,

Before I list the three foods that will help you fight
heart disease, I have an announcement to make.

This may come as a shock.

You are currently trapped in the middle of the biggest
health food conspiracy ever.

Each and every day you are eating so-called “healthy”
foods that are silently killing you.

Watch this free presentation to discover what you need to
do immediately to take control of your body.


In the United States alone, 1 in 4 people die each year
from heart disease.

There’s a way to set yourself apart from the many that
suffer from cardiovascular illness – and in a way that
tastes good!

With so much information about what heart disease is, it
can leave many wanting to remain ignorant about the
causes, effects and risks of this important disease.

But, if you don’t know what role you play in your own risk
for heart disease, you could find yourself causing damage
to your heart, damage that at some point down the road
becomes irreversible to fix.

In the United States alone, heart disease is the number
one killer for both men and women.

Got heart disease in your family? Do you have a heart
murmur, or heart palpitations? Do you stress out more than
you smile?

Then make sure you keep reading.

There are several types of heart disease, including the
hardening of coronary arties, irregular heartbeat (which
often, but not always, goes away with age) and disease
within your heart valves.

From not getting enough oxygen to your arteries to a
development of your heart muscle itself, there are
numerous reasons why you must eat your greens. And your
fruit too!

Every day, eat these top three foods to help fight the
risk of heart disease.

1. Oranges

Oranges, just like many other fruits, contain vitamin C,
antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins. These natural
boosters can pick up your mood when it’s lacking and pep
you up right before an important meeting at work.

As it turns out, oranges also have the power to fight off
heart failure.

Many people who have heart attacks are completely unarmed
and unprepared. In othr respects they are actually very
healthy, but they may have high levels of stress.

But oranges don’t just taste great – juicy, delicious and
refreshing. The fruit also contains pectin, which works to
absorb the cholesterol you consume (like magic!).

Oranges also contain a great source of potassium. And when
you get your daily fill, you’ll have the ability to keep
your cholesterol and blood sugar in balance.

You can also reduce your risk of developing scar tissue
around your heart, which will lower your risk for heart
disease altogether.

Eat up!

2. Kale

One of the best greens you can eat – if not the very best
– kale is often called a superfood.

Along with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and
plenty of antioxidants, it also contains something extra
to help you battle off heart disease for good.

Nrf2 is a special type of protein that works hard to
protect your arteries from building up plaque.

When you don’t get enough of this miracle protein, Nrf2,
you’re putting yourself at risk.

So, enjoy kale raw or cooked. Kale is extremely easy to
cook with and can be a delicious, nutrient-packed
ingredient to use with any meal throughout the day.

Put some kale in a salad, or inside of a turkey sandwich.
Saute kale to serve alongside dinner, or simply mix it
into your scrambled eggs or a quiche.

3. Chocolate

As delicious as chocolate tastes going down, it tastes
even better when you realize how many benefits it has too.

Who knew a piece of indulgent, rich dark chocolate could
drastically improve the health of your blood vessels,
allow you to have a more restful night’s sleep, and even
alter how happy you feel?

Chocolate can positively affect your mind, your body and
the future of your overall health. Want to live to be 100?

The answer may lie here: Eat just a few pieces of dark
chocolate daily to reduce your chance of suffering from a
stroke, improve your heart health, and lower your risk for
getting heart disease in the first place.

You deserve to not just feel great today. You deserve to
feel your very best every day. Focus on the foods you eat
today, and improve your future tomorrow.

Kind regards,